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BEVNET highlights Brand Adoption

Should brands tap into Brand Adoption’s University Rep Network? BevNet posted an article recently answering that question.

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Latest Video Submitted For The University Rep Network –

Luke, from the University of Colorado- Boulder, has created the latest video for Brand Adoption’s University Rep Network.

urep CU from Luke Schultz on Vimeo.

ureps are highly influencial social media marketers that fulfill campaigns online as well as offline. ureps spread word of mouth messages on and around college campuses across the country.

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How to Hold a Google+ Hangout and Why You Should

Are you on Google+? Have you tried out the “Hangout” yet? Don’t worry it is still kind-of new so you shouldn’t feel left behind.

Before you do get left behind,

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Should Beverage Companies Seduce the Ureps?

As millennials are fast becoming the most influential demographic in the United States, the highly populated and digitally savvy group of 18-30 year-olds has dramatically changed that way that businesses spend marketing dollars and communicate with consumers. A recent study found that 93 percent of millennials belong to one or more social networks for personal use and, in recent years, dozens of beverage companies, including Pepsi, Red Bull, and Starbucks, have launched online marketing campaigns revolving around social media. Moreover, it’s now a common practice for advertisements to include a link or call to action inviting consumers to visit a company’s Facebook page or chat via Twitter.

However, the growth of non-traditional and social marketing has not been without quite a few stumbles, pitfalls, and outright disasters. In the wake of these public relations nightmares, a number of new marketing companies have popped into the corporate mainstream promising to ease the burden – and potential problems – associated with new media and marketing to millennials. Brand Adoption is one of these new companies.

Founded in 2009, Brand Adoption describes itself as a “word-of-mouth marketing company” that utilizes a combination of social media and guerrilla marketing to connect brands with millennial consumers. The Tempe, Ariz.-based marketing firm has created marketing campaigns for a number of companies including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Pop Chips, and Pepsi MAX and featured a strong presence at the recently held NACS show in Chicago.

Brand Adoption’s primary operating platform is called the “urep network,” a group of nearly 1,000 influential and social media savvy-college students, recent college graduates, and local bloggers. These “ureps” – short for university representatives – are located at 300 colleges and universities across the United States and take part in a variety of Brand Adoption campaigns based on their own personal tastes and preferences.

Ureps promote brands within their social networks and participate in guerrilla marketing and sampling events. Ureps are compensated through a system that awards points based on how often and effective they are at sharing information about a brand both online and offline and the total number of accumulated points can later be cashed for a check.

Don May, the VP of Marketing and Acquisitions for Brand Adoption, explained the company actively recruits “interactive ‘people’ people” to become ureps. These individuals are highly sought out for their ability to engage friends and colleagues in targeted marketing campaigns that drive trial and, eventually, influence purchases.

“At colleges, we’re going to athletic club leaders and organizers, bloggers, and other social media influencers who can create advocacy within their network and then outside their network,” May said.

May claims that peer exchanges are the most trusted source of information about new products, however, research from TalkTrack, an ongoing study piloted by market research firm Keller Fay Group, found that the overwhelming majority of word-of-mouth communication takes place offline.

To bridge the gap between online and offline messaging, May said that Brand Adoption works with clients to develop marketing campaigns in which ureps will post and share promotional information about a product or brand on Facebook and Twitter as well as take part in a variety of offline activities, including street marketing and product sampling.

“We’re combining online peer influence with sampling and a physical presence at key events,” May said.

Each urep campaign has a measurable return on investment based on achieving predetermined objectives such as an increase in the total number of visits to a client’s website, new Facebook “likes,” and/or the number of product samples given out.

One of Brand Adoption’s most recent marketing efforts was a summer-long campaign for FRS, the quercetin-based sports drink and nutritional supplement company. The primary goals of the campaign were to distribute 2 million sample cans of FRS Healthy Energy drinks in 19 markets across the country and engage trial consumers through online interaction and promotions.

Brand Adoption chose 140 brand ambassadors from its urep network to participate in the campaign and created a turnkey program that included branded vehicles, product storage and refrigeration. May said that within three months, the company completed the sampling tour and helped to double the number of “likes” on FRS’s Facebook page.

“FRS has seen the overwhelming positive reaction from the general public when word of mouth marketing is done correctly,” May said in a press release about the campaign.

May said that Brand Adoption is currently in the contract phase of three new projects, each similar in nature to the FRS campaign, though he said that the company hopes to establish an even greater physical urep presence in key markets and retailers where new products are most often launched.

“We’re continuing to build a network of bright college students from all over the country,” May said. “We want to expand our ability to promote brands via intelligent marketing on the ground.”

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Six Tips For Making Your Press Release Twitter Friendly

PRNewser writes-
So how do you make your press release more Twitter friendly?

-“It starts with the headline,” says Sarah Skerik, PRNewswire’s VP of social media. “The press releases that got the most shares and views were those that had headlines that were in the range of 120 characters, which makes them the perfect tweetable link.”

The number of characters is important for retweeting.

“You need to leave retweet space to remove any barriers for audiences,” said Tom Becktold, SVP of marketing at Business Wire. “A lot of people want to add a little comment so leave 20 or 30 characters.”

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5 Tips for Using the New LinkedIn Company Pages

#1: Update/create and complete your company page
#2: Build followers for your LinkedIn company page
#3: Provide interesting and value-added company page updates
#4: Engage and network with people from companies you follow
#5: Monitor and focus your efforts

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Review of UnMarketing: Scott Stratten’s Guide to Stop Marketing. Start Engaging

Favorite marketing book right now? That would have to be UnMarketing by Scott Stratten.

In his webinar to give an overview of his book, Scott examines marketing in the world we know today and identifies some amazing takeaways.

The most important insight is that executives need to stop marketing and start engaging! Every interaction with the company, whether online through Facebook and Twitter, or offline with the front desk receptionist, MATTERS. Companies have to realize that in today’s world, consumer feedback is instant and people are not afraid to share their negative opinions. Did you know most people are more likely to tweet or share a negative interaction than a positive one? That means companies need to implement a staff wide initiative to make every interaction count. Every person in a company has the opportunity to be a marketer, so make sure to empower employees to represent the company well and with a unified message.

Scott also touches on customer retention. He asserts that first impressions are monumental. Therefore, the employee you may think has very little interaction with the client, i.e. receptionist, meeting scheduler, actually plays a huge role in setting the tone of the customer’s experience from the beginning. Scott even goes as far to say that receptionists should be renamed VP of First Impressions.

With that in mind, keeping customers happy is also pivotal. Happy customers equal referrals and continue to generate business. Scott mentions, “people spread awesome”, so as a company make sure to make your interaction with the customer out of this world at all times to guarantee return customers and referrals. These perspectives are so fundamental, easy to do and generate results! Scott is simply reminding us about good business ethics and treating people how we want to be treated to create an overall successful business environment. One of the best parts of his webinar and book is that all of these insights are creatively conveyed through real life examples and stories, thus making for a pretty easy read. Thanks again Scott for reminding us that companies are more than just one CMO and a marketing team; marketing is really a function of the whole company uniting together to provide an awesome customer service experience!

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LivingSocial Tests Food Ordering and Delivery Services

If you are in or near Washington, D.C. consider yourself lucky.  LivingSocial announced this week that it is launching a new food ordering and delivery program.  It is all apart of LivingSocial’s instant service.  The instantaneous ordering will allow members to place orders, and even includes delivery from some of the top restaurants in the area.

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6 Ways to Be More Persuasive With Social Media

Looking to build your voice on your social media sites?  Here’s a peak into 6 ways you can become more persuasive with social media:

1. Reciprocation – The Oldest Trick in the Book

2. Social Proof – Don’t Be Left Behind

3. Liking – Never Met a Stranger

4. Authority – Why You Must Listen to Me


To See The Complete List and Descriptions Click Here


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Make Money Being Social, with Brand Adoption

You’re already talking about them, so why not get something for it?! Have YOU ever wanted to test out new products, give feedback, and promote the coolest brands?  Thousands of ureps are already on campuses across the U.S. and we have teamed up with back\slash to offer its readers a limited number of openings across the country to join our University Rep (urep) Network.

Our Clients have big plans for 2012 so don’t miss out!  YOU never have to worry about spam because YOU pick the products YOU work with.  Our ureps are well-connected influential trendsetters that are rewarded for their Facebook opinions.  In or out of college, YOUR voice matters to brands!  From snack foods to energy drinks, favorite hangout to apparel… urep what ulove!  You’re already talking about them, so why not get something for it?!Become a urep now @ urep.coLike us on Facebook and hear about giveaways, contests, and more!It’s simple urep what ulove!

The urep network proudly presents its Black Friday iPad2 Contest!

  1. Like urep on Facebook
  2. Sign up at
  3. Invite your friends

And be entered to win an iPad2!  It’s simple urep what ulove!


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