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Facebook Timeline For Pages Kills Marketing Feature: Default Landing Tabs

Businesses Beware! We all knew it was coming – Company pages will soon be required to update their page to the hated loved new “Timeline.”

Josh Constine writes for tech crunch about the effects this change will have on marketers and company pages. Constine says, “Amongst the beautiful covers and pinned posts, there’s one disadvantage of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages redesign. Pages can no longer display one of their custom applications as their default landing tab that non-fans first see when they visit. This powerful marketing feature let Pages set up a welcome app that teased special content like contests or coupons, but required users to Like the Page for access.


Iframe used to get more likes

Without default landing tabs, non-fans have to actively click through the little app tiles overshadowed by a Page’s cover. Many won’t, and it will cost marketers Likes as well as email signups, contest entries, and other key performance indicators. The change is a noble one that prioritizes the user experience and the site’s long-term health, but several marketers I’ve talked to are already grumbling.”

Tiffany & Co. Facebook Timeline

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What Marketing Questions Are Worth Asking in Social Media Listening?

David Rabjohns of MotiveQuest provides a guest blog post on

A quick excerpt from Rabjohns:

Social media listening tools, services, and dashboards that help us count brand mentions, generate new followers, and build new “likes” attempt to measure our social media investments. These tools are gaining popularity quickly, and marketers are rushing to claim proficiency… even if they don’t fully understand them. But what do these numbers really mean? What insights are they designed to provide? How effective are social media dashboards in helping us drive sales or create advocates?

At MotiveQuest, we recently analyzed the questions that our Fortune 500 clients asked us this year and compiled a list of the top 30 questions that marketers want to answer through social research.

The top five are:

  • Where are people talking about my brand?
  • How should I change my messaging?
  • How much buzz do I have vs. competition/trend?
  • How do they feel about us vs. the competition?
  • Quantify the biggest brand topics.


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Can Infographic Design Get More People to Click?

Clinton Bonner writes on about the overwhelming popularity of INFOGRAPHICS!  Oxford dictionary has jumped on board with its popularity last year by adding it into the big book.

infographic: a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data

Pretty simple right?  But are all infographics created equally?  Of course not… there are some really great ones, and some really bad ones.

Bonner included this graphic to illustrate that very point.

Not the best of graphics -

Bonner says, “it’s not too hard to understand why [infographics] are so popular. They’re colorful, bold, easy to grasp and often lead you on a visual journey to information you didn’t even knew you cared about. So it’s no wonder we’re beginning to see web landing pages incorporating infographic style design and the reasoning is clear. If they help you digest the information faster and can help you understand an impact more vividly, well then they just might be the perfect conversion tool that gets your viewers clicking-thru.”

See the progression of infographics here: Click it


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Flickr Gets a Makeover, Looks Like Pinterest

You can be the final judge, but says Flickr’s latest facelift has the Pinterest Platform written all over it. Zoe Fox writes for Mashable, and says,  “Flickr will be rolling out a number of changes in the coming months, beginning with a new photo stream design, Justified View, and a new uploading feature, Uploadr.  Markus Spiering, Flickr head of product, discussed these changes with Mashable Tuesday. The company’s main focus, he says: user engagement. Justified View, which will go live Feb 28, trades Flickr’s current white space-filled layout for something that looks a lot more like Pinterest (as has become the trend in web design). The new photo stream will first go live with your contacts (the people you follow). It showcases bigger photos and lacks text data. You can hover over photos to view tags and other information. The new upload feature dubbed Uploadr, which will go live in late March, lets you drag and drop photos from your computer onto the site. Spiering calls Uploadr more like an app and less like a website. Photos are instantly viewed as thumbnail images, allowing you to add tags as you upload. Spiering thinks this will increase engagement, as Flickr continues to build the Internet’s largest collection of geo-tagged photos (currently numbering at about 270 million).”

New Flickr


Here is a little fun fact – Brand Adoption’s University Network (urep) is on Flickr and Pinterest!

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Some Ways to Deal With Upset Customers Using Social Media

Sooner or later it will happen to you and your business.  Some people think it is when a business really knows they have hit it big time.  It is when a customer is upset and goes to your social media platform to complain.  An angry customer can be a great opportunity to create a positive experience for that person and your business.

The Social Media Examiner posted 10 ways to deal with upset customers using your social media sites. Here are a couple of our favorites:

1. You Can’t Respond to Conversations You Don’t See

Great response starts with great listening.

  • Set upGoogle Alerts for your brand and industry keywords.
  • Keep a close eye on your Facebook page.
  • Listen on Twitter.
  • Depending on the type of business you have, read reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Zagat.
  • Make a list of any forums or communities where your customers congregate and regularly check in on them.

#4: Speak Like a Human

The only thing worse than ignoring upset customers is to respond with a canned corporate response. If you thought they were mad before, wait until you see how they react to an excerpt of your policy terms and fine print.

Show empathy, communicate in a friendly tone and use your real name. And if the forum supports it, it helps to include your actual photo.

It’s easy to yell and scream at an anonymous company. But when someone shows up and says, “Hi, this is Emily and I’m so sorry for the trouble…” it changes everything.

The critic now realizes he wasn’t yelling at a giant, faceless company. He was yelling at Emily. Quickly, the anger fades—and you’ll often get an apology.

zappos friendly response

Check out how Zappos replies to this fan. It’s human; it’s friendly. And even though they couldn’t immediately fix the problem, you can bet this fan will be back.

Be sure to read all 10 ways


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Why Pinterest Should Be of Interest to Brands

Guest blogger for DiSilvestro normally writes for

DiSilvestro says, “As with most social media sites, Pinterest started out as a place for individuals to connect with friends and then developed into a place for businesses. Pinterest is currently on the brink of individual-to-business use, so now is a great time for your company to get started. This new site has been growing exponentially since its launch in March 2010 with nearly 11.1 million unique visitors according to Site Analytics.”

Tips and Tricks to Using Pinterest to Help Build a Brand

You should all check out the full post, but here is 1 tip or reason why your company should jump on “board.” (That is Pinterest humor – Pin and boards – hahaha)

Pinterest board on Google

Interaction: The site will allow you to interact with customers, clients, and others in the industry in the same way other social networks do. This will help you build connections through a medium that is comfortable for your customers. It’s also extremely simple to manage Pinterest (unlike many of the other social networks), so this will help save your employees time while still building relationships.

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10 Advanced SEO Tactics That Will Increase Your Blog’s Traffic posted an amazing blog on 10 advance SEO tactics that YOU can use to build your traffic.  When some see SEO – it is kind of like reading a foreign language.  To help you better understand the importance, and get you familiar with some amazing tips – read the full post here.

To give you an idea of you will see in the post:

Think Outside of the Social Media Sharing Box

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ aren’t the only social sites that have the power to push traffic to your site. Other niche communities can do the same thing:

The idea is to go through a list of social networking sites, identify the ones that would be relevant to your industry and then systematically add value. As you build up relationships with users of those sites you’ll eventually start to gain links and followers.

Working these other social sites will also help you develop content for you blog posts. Watch to see what is gaining popularity in content and discussions and then create posts that address those issues.

By the way, back in December Reddit served over 2 billion page views:

Reddit image from

…so you should not ignore that source for an opportunity. See if there is a subreddit you should join.

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Social Media effects Search Engine Results

The world of Search Engine technology is changing. Currently those sites that are most optimized and have the most inbound links yield the best results in search engines. However, companies like Google are beginning to integrate your social experience. Google has their Google +, which increases the rank of sites that have been recommended within the Google framework, and their Search Plus Your World includes reviews for your Google + friends. It is possible that one day it may soon include how often your site has been tweeted or posted about.

The article goes on to describe some more tricks to boost your search results using Google + and fundamental SEO tactics.

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How Much Do Sports Fans Love Social Media?

Sports – connecting people on a whole new level.  GMR Marketing went out and compiled a bunch of very interesting data, and what better way to show the results- that’s right- an infographic!

GMR Marketing!

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Viewbix Empowers YouTube Videos for More Clicks

An upcoming company called Viewbix has developed an application software that is embedded on youtube videos. The amazing thing with this is these interactive tabs in fact sit inside the video themselves. What’s the benefit? Viewbix turns any embedded video into a call to action, placing viewers one click closer to making a purchase. The best part is that it sits inside the youtube video player, a medium with which most people are comfortable and familiar.

Some of the tabs available include Information, Maps, Twitter Feed, Blog Feed, Audio Player, Email Signup. Perhaps most importantly, right above the video there is a ‘Call to Action Button’ to entice the viewer to do something once they are done watching the video! Additionally, the video can be embedded on Facebook, Twitter, or websites, but the app does not work on

Click to see their website and view examples…

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