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Work Getting In The Way of Your Social Media?

If you think that it is getting harder and harder to be on Facebook and Twitter because work is getting in the way – You would be right!

According to a recent Infographic posted on Mashable – Social Media and email are eating more and more time during our work day.  (Sidenote: To those reading this while at work – Thank you! Don’t stop what you are doing.)

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The Basics: Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Stephanie Chandler, contributor to, reminds all small business owners about the basics of Facebook.

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Make sure to read all 10 of her tips – while we highlight a couple of the best ones here.

Chandler writes, “Pin to Top – You can ensure that a post gets premium exposure at the top of your Facebook page with this handy feature. To implement, hover over the upper right corner of a post and click on the pencil icon that reads “Edit or Remove,” then choose “Pin to Top.””

Pinning to the top can allow your page to keep older posts relevant by positioning them on top.  Fans, or future fans, are most likely to see a couple of your most resent posts…don’t let them go before they get to see your current contest or major announcement.

Chandler also says, “About Section – Below the photo on your business page is a small box of text where you can share details about your business. More importantly, this box can include a clickable link for your website. While your website link may appear on the bio area of your Facebook page, you can assure more clicks by adding it to this prime real estate on the main page. To update yours, simply click on the box below your photo where this text appears, and then click on “Edit.””

Having fans on Facebook is great – getting them to your website is even better.  Make sure you make it as easy as possible to get there.  By adding links in your about section – you take out the risk of them not making to your site.  Remember the less roadblocks, the higher success rate.

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