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How Mars Takes a Bite Out of Content Marketing

Gone are the days of “just throw it out there” and “let’s see what happens” when it comes to marketing campaigns. The hard truth is that in 2017, we have too much information at our disposal to lean on our instincts and creative prowess to connect with consumers. Today’s leading marketers know this better than anyone.

Take Rob Rakowitz, global director of media at Mars, who was recognized by The CMO Club for his cut-through content marketing performance with brands like Uncle Ben’s, Snickers, Pedigree and Whiskas. Rakowitz understands that to drive growth, marketing teams must use a targeted, well-researched approach backed by fail-safe insights — and the simpler the goal, the better. Read on for his story.

Driven by data

It could be said that a good marketing theory works well outside of marketing, so a good marketing leader practices his theories outside of work. For his part, Rakowitz enjoys mining data as a member of a cycling team. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), even riding a bicycle generates a mind-boggling amount of data. Armed with insights before a race, for example, his team can determine distinct roles and peak performance points, as he says, “much in the way that you would for launching a really great campaign.” The implication for brands here is that data offers not only meaningful positioning but can also inform when to act on topical content.

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