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Brand Adoption partnered with FRS Healthy Energy™ samples 2 million ready to drink cans this summer fueling fans all over the country.

TEMPE, AZ., Aug. 24, 2011 – From the world’s largest Nike Surf Tournament in Huntington beach, Major League Baseball’s All-star game in Phoenix, the Rock n’ Roll marathon in Chicago, up to Times Square in New York City, Brand Adoption’s influential work force partnered with FRS Healthy Energy™ to educate and FUEL the nation face to face, cold can by can.

Brand Adoption hand picked 140 Brand Ambassadors in 19 cities to represent FRS®, sampling 2 million refreshing cans, while leaving millions more with positive impressions.

“FRS®, like many big name brands, has seen the overwhelming positive reaction from the general public when word of mouth marketing is done correctly,” said Don May, VP of Marketing and Acquisitions, Brand Adoption.  “We put together a turnkey program that included branded vehicles, product storage and refrigeration.  We mobilized our teams of brand ambassadors in the major markets across the country.  FRS® management was impressed with what Brand Adoption could do in a short period of time and the quality of our national network of well-educated college students and graduates (ureps).   The reception from consumers has been phenomenal.  Our ureps are able to effectively communicate the health attributes of FRS® which separates the brand from competitive entries on store shelves.”

FRS® Healthy Performance™ has continually grown since 2007.  This summer the company has seen a 140% increase on its Facebook page as well as an ever growing twitter following with almost 9,000 followers to date.  The partnership with Brand Adoption has put a face with the drink, sold out FRS in retail stores, and the positive feedback continues to flood its social networks.

Brand Adoption’s national network increasingly grows on over 150 college campuses with the success of its FRS® campaign.  May concluded, “One of the most important aspects of this tour was educating consumers about the health aspects of this unique drink.  We did just that.”

Facts and Figures:

This summer Brand Adoption has sampled the equivalent to 171,875 Gallons of FRS®.

If you stood cans on top of each other you could stack the height of the Empire State Building 800 times.

The total weight of product sampled is the same as 5 Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets.

About Brand Adoption:

Brand Adoption is a word of mouth marketing company that connects brands with consumers using social media and guerrilla marketing strategies.  Our marketing platform is made up of thousands of ureps (influential college students and graduates) located on campuses across the US.  Through this network, we execute brand building activities that include product sampling, digital marketing, social media communication, brand education, product testing, ambassador programs, tradeshow and event representation, and  street team participation.  Campaigns are designed to meet our client’s goals: building awareness, driving traffic and sales, or expanding a brand’s online community.

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