Evan Rogers

Strengths – making connections, figuring out how stuff works, playing nice in the sand box

Weaknesses – continuing to figure out how stuff works, the beach, people, anything mechanical

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Todd Skinner

Strengths – numbers, connecting with people, running a 10-key, Scrabble

Weaknesses – Scrabble, good books, mountain biking, traveling the world, new culinary experiences

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Lisa Casassa

Strengths – people, building rapport, genuineness

Weaknesses – Washington cherries, down-to-earth people, the great outdoors,

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Don May

Strengths – creativity, competitive spirit, thinking outside of the box, who to watch in sports

Weaknesses – sports center, his iPhone and iPad, dessert menus, his 3 grand-kids

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Ebony McKinley

Strengths – reading people, juggling, recruiting exceptional talent, keen fashion sense, keeping pulse of BA’s Ambassadors

Weaknesses – new restaurants, 4 children under 6, going to the ends of the earth to satisfy a client, and keeping her reps on cloud nine

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Loolwa Khazzoom

Strengths – getting her way with media personnel, deep listener, anything media

Weaknesses – anything media, chocolate, multiculturalism, tweeting

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Diane Bonitatibus

Strengths – a “finisher”, compulsive organizing, her only grand daughter, multitasking, flexible

Weaknesses –compulsive organizing, her only grand daughter, dark chocolate, hopeless romantic

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