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Independent Sales Representatives – Consumer Products and Services

Immediate sales positions are available in four key U.S. Markets with Brand Adoption “Company”:

1. New York City

2. Chicago

3. San Francisco

4. Los Angeles

Strong candidates must demonstrate that they have relationships with individuals that they believe will allow them to connect with key executives in the consumer products and services industries to develop new business and accomplish the objective of this position.

Sales Representatives are to introduce the Company’s products, services and internal marketing staff to key executives of companies and/or marketing/ad agencies. Sales Representatives will assist in the closing of agreements if so requested by the Company.  Sales Representatives have several duties beyond selling products and services. They may analyze sales statistics, prepare reports, and handle administrative duties such as filing expense reports, scheduling appointments, and making travel plans. They also stay abreast of new and existing products and monitor the sales, prices, and products of competitors.  The goal is to secure new national business clients for the Company in these four key markets.  The initial focus is on consumer goods-beverage and snack food companies as well as service companies, ad agencies and PR firms that provide services to companies in these industries.  This focus may expand to other groups and industries with approval from the Company.

Sales Representatives are 100% commission, independent contractors.  The average contract secured by Company range from $50,000 to $1 million depending on the type and duration of the program.  Commissions will be paid based on the gross sales from each account procured by the Sales Representative.  Commissions will be paid within 30 days of Company receiving payment from the new account.

Education and Experience Requirements for Consideration:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Must be based in the U.S. Market for which you are applying
  • Five to ten years of sales experience in the consumer goods, marketing, advertising or public relations industries
  • High level oral and written communication skills, polished presentation
  • Experience with a customer management system –
  • Demonstrated achievement in sales and business development


Brand Adoption uses an enterprise-level database and architecture for scalability and reliability using the latest technologies. We need coders who are experienced in many languages and who can easily work with others. Brand Adoption programmers are encouraged to use their creativity and build new widgets, features and modules. However, they must also be able to follow instructions when told. No egos. Seriously.

Sales/Marketing People

Brand Adoption marketing and sales will rely heavily on face-to-face/telephone contact with brand managers, campaign managers, C-level execs, and others who manage marketing spend. We’re looking for sales people who are fearless and confident, who present the message with clarity and persuasion, and who pretty much can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Internet Marketers

Our target market is the 18-34 year old crowd. These people live online. A lot of our marketing will happen online at social networking sites and viral video sites. We’d like people who know some of the following: SEO optimization, SEM, google analytics, e-mail campaigning, PPC advertising,and keyword placement. You have to pretty much LIVE online to even think about applying for this position.

Graphic Designers

We’re looking for experienced designers to help create logos, stationery, brochures, Brand Adoption apparel and other marketing materials for the diverse range of audience Brand Adoption is marketing to. Designers will also be responsible for improving the look and feel of the website. Designers who do design AND code are our heros.


Hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide have created profiles on Brand Adoption. Hundreds of businesses are marketing to these students. Both parties are making connections and making history through Brand Adoption. Brand Adoption PR is an effort to share these stories at a grassroots level with people that are interested-other consumers, students, companies, and schools. We’re looking for people people willing to engage with the media and share Brand Adoption’s stories. Organization and enthusiasm are musts.


A lot of our marketing will be done online through sites like YouTube, Facebook, and if we’re lucky, MySpace-if it’s still around. Nowadays, one of the easiest ways for something to become popular is through video. Thus, we’re looking for creative videographers who can help us put together some original and amazing, hilariously funny, breathtaking viral video clips.


urep interns

Interns promote brands and test new products for consumer product companies via our urep network. The urep Network consists of predominantly college students that span college campuses across the country. ureps participate in campaigns for brands by completing activities online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or offline activities such as local or nationwide face-to-face tours and booth events.

Your primary role during your internship as our urep Brand Ambassador will be to be an active urep, support the urep marketing, sales, and recruitment efforts, and create a positive brand for urep on your campus and in your surrounding community with local businesses.

Entrepreneurial spirit and drive will be essential for your success during this internship as it will be a remote based position. More importantly as a urep Brand Ambassador, you need to be creative, outgoing, LOVE marketing, think way outside the box, and above all, have fun!

Your internship will commence with the creation and submission of an Intern Business Plan (no more than 2 pages please) to establish mutual expectations and goals that are approved by Brand Adoption’s staff. The Intern Business Plan needs to be submitted no later than 1 week following start date for review and approval. Once approved, this Intern Business Plan will serve as a guide for you and Brand Adoption regarding the benchmarks and strategies you will achieve and employ to be successful throughout your internship.

Internship Responsibilities are as follows:
· Execute PR tactics for urep and get urep in print and on the air waves – in the school and local papers, school and local radio and television stations

· Contact school organizations, fraternities and sororities of interest about urep to gather their support and get involved with their activities surrounding campus life and in the local community

· Tap into promotional events and student activities on campus to develop and forge relationships with Dean of Students, Club Advisors, Athletic Directors, and key admin on campus

· Speak with and arrange with marketing faculty of the various business schools of interest to give small presentations to educate and inform their students about BA and the advantages of being a urep on campus

· Coordinate and help with leading urep’s efforts in spreading the word about the urep platform using: Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Gorilla Marketing, Online Promotions, and Product Sampling

· Serve as Lead Liaison between ureps and other interns on campus to support and coordinate their efforts with urep Manger and BA’s staff

· Conduct research within intern’s local business district of potential clients that target the college demographic and develop a list, identify decision makers and conduct sales calls

· Meet face-to-face with decision makers to introduce BA’s services and the power of the urep Network and coordinate sales leads with marketing and sales staff

· Utilize Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to naturally talk about urep and the brands you know and love

· Assist with managing activity on BA’s Facebook page by posting messages and corporate communications approved by BA’s staff

· Assist with managing tweets on BA’s and ureps’ Twitter accounts by tweeting communications to ureps and their followers

· Assist with marketing plans, initiatives, and strategies for urep to reach its 18-34 demographic

· Assist in generating weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly performance reports for ureps in local area

Skills Needed:

Brand Adoption is targeting students in Marketing, Advertising/PR, Business, or Communications majors to work as an intern. Marketing experience is preferred, but not required.
Candidates should be very personable and love interacting with people. Possess excellent oral communication skills, and be highly organized and task oriented. Entrepreneurial spirit and drive are key characteristics for candidates interested in working with this organization. Candidates must have internet access and a computer workspace.
• Must be currently enrolled student at a university
• Active in on-campus groups/clubs/activities
• Interested in marketing/sales/promotions
• Experience with and a love for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
• Entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and driven
• Strong communications skills and fluent English speaker (oral and written)
• Current driver’s license

How to apply

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