Brand Adoption takes experiential marketing pretty seriously, combining research, strategy development, creative thinking, program execution and measurement to connect brands with consumers. We leverage word-of-mouth marketing and the efficiencies of social media with our viral urep marketing platform. We execute turnkey branded campaigns for our customers that move consumers along the “path to purchase” from awareness to advocacy, and all the while measuring results along the way.

One university campus at a time, we have built our national network of brand ambassadors that make up the urep network. In 2009, we established our Brand Ambassador Internship Program at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona, a campus known not only for its status as a research institution, but also its massive and eclectic student body (over 60,000) and its vibrant student life.

Our BA Internship Program provides business and marketing students with what they’ve been looking for; an opportunity to earn college credit while obtaining resume-worthy sales and marketing experience doing what they love – spreading the word to their friends.

Because our urep interns have large networks of talented and influential friends, recruiting leadership and manpower to execute our customers’ brand building campaigns is a cinch.

Our Internship Program and urep network has now been entrenched in 150 college campuses and 52 markets comprised of the most connected and influential millennial evangelists in the country. Let our ureps drive behavior changing results for your brand.

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