The UREP Platform

Brand Adoption’s urep network is one of the most effective marketing tools. urep is a network of brand evangelists on over 150 college campuses nationwide. These charismatic product promoters are used to promoting brands at events, booths, block parties, product blitzes or information sessions. These evangelists are the most trusted vehicle for marketing to the college demographic.

What do you get with Brand Adoption?

Valuable new customers
Paying customers come in waves, but our ureps opt-in by choice. These influentials are passionate about their brands and in-the-know. Bottom line, Brand Adoption brings you a community of brand evangelists that will tout your brand.

Efficient, measurable marketing
Are you looking for a way to enhance your marketing efforts now, and in the future? Then look no further. Brand Adoption’s solutions are the most cost-effective word of mouth marketing in the industry. As a campaign enters our urep system, Brand Adoption tracks reach and impact in realtime. We gather insightful information about your brand. We ensure your campaign drives a positive ROI.

Become the talk of the town
Our urep network connects with 3 times the number of Facebook friends, and is twice as likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

Big exposure, bigger word of mouth
urep campaigns put you front and center of thousands of influential ureps in cities across the country – with thousands of “Paul Reveres” opting into your offering each day. Our ureps share your offer with their trusted friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media. And yes, their friends pass it on to more friends and to infinity and beyond….. Buzz like this will continue to attract new customers within its wake for months to follow.