Brand Adoption Announces its Black Friday iPad2 Giveaway

With the re-launch of its University Rep Network, Brand Adoption is giving away 2 iPad2s just in time for Black Friday.

Brand Adoption Logo

University Rep (urep) was created as a platform to connect brands with marketers using online and offline, word of mouth marketing strategies. ureps promote brands to their social networks and get rewarded for it.   With this network, ureps have the opportunity to opt-into numerous campaigns. Some campaigns take minutes, while others require more involvement.  Campaigns range from social shares where ureps share, tweet, post and talk about a brands’ product, service, store or promotion online.  Other urep campaigns consist of face-to-face tours, booth events, brand blitzes, and PR stunts.

The iPad2 giveaway gears up just in time for the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

“We wanted to show the new ureps how Brand Adoption treats its network,” said Alex Munter, Brand Adoption.  “Unlike some other national agencies who work with Brand Ambassadors, we care about ours (ureps).  They are why Brand Adoption is Social Media with Legs.  This network has legs that walk across the entire country, and a couple of them will be rocking a new iPad2!”


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