Feedback: You May Not Always Like What You Hear

With any aspect of business, consumer or client feedback is essential to future improvement. It’s time to put the ego aside and ask the people what they truly think!

There are many ways to gather feedback, but the simplest is a basic survey that addresses key points you are trying to gauge. Surveys should be short and to the point. You do not want to overwhelm the respondent; otherwise, they will begin to just mark down answers rather than conveying their true beliefs. There are many survey programs available to create an email survey. A good free, basic option is Survey Money. Companies can use this website solution to create multiple choice, ratings, or even yes/no questions. Survey Monkey does offer further customization at a price if needed.

Some basic survey criteria to utilize includes:
• Suggestions for company improvement
• Overall campaign/product/service rating
• Rating of specific job/service/product attributes

Survey Monkey will track who has responded and let you browse responses while also providing percentages for each question. In analyzing the results you will be able to narrow the scope to zero in on the areas most needing improvement. Remember to actually listen to this feedback and implement changes; no company will ever be perfect but your client or consumer will truly be the best perspective to help along the path of perfection.

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