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September 15, 2011 – TEMPE, ARIZONA –This year marks the 50th anniversary of the National Association of Convenience Stores, NACS. It also marks the first year Brand Adoption will participate in the show. Over the past two years the NACS show has reportedly averaged 22,000 people at its events, including a number of international attendees.

For Brand Adoption the show will be an excellent venue to meet over 1,000 companies in a 3-day period.

“The social media marketing work we are doing is innovative and producing results,” said Evan Rogers, VP of Operations, Brand Adoption. “Traditional advertising just does not work with the untraditional life people live. We stream and watch our favorite television shows and movies online, read news online, and talk about what we love online. Brand Adoption uses its connected and influential national network to lead, and influence those conversations. We look forward to showing our urep network in Chicago.”

The NACS show was held in Las Vegas last year, and closed its general session with an address from President George W. Bush. As the NACS website touts, “The NACS Show is the #1 buying event in America and is the place to find the most innovative, profit-building products and services.”

“We know we can make a difference for those Brands looking to get their product in the conversation,” said Rogers.

About Brand Adoption:

Brand Adoption is a word of mouth marketing company that connects brands with consumers using social media and guerrilla marketing strategies. Our marketing platform is made up of thousands of ureps (influential college students and graduates) located on campuses across the U.S. Through this network, we execute brand building activities that include product sampling, digital marketing, social media communication, brand education, product testing, ambassador programs, trade show and event representation, and street team participation. Campaigns are designed to meet our client’s goals: building awareness, driving traffic and sales, and expanding a brand’s online community.

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