Key Strategies For Mobile Commerce

Mobile marketing has now expanded to routine holiday shopping. While many companies anticipated the use of remote access to sales by facilitating “Cyber Monday”, many retailers find a new phenomenon of “Scan and Scram” customers. Buyers today flock retailers for sales armed with the QR and barcode scanner programs. This technology allows purchasers to shop around before settling in the store. By scanning a product barcode, they can now view what other locations, brick and mortar or online, offer the same item- but possibly at a lower price. What does this mean for retailers?

1. Mobile sites are a must. As consumers can now price shop very quickly, mobile friendly viewing is required. Customers simply will not linger on a site waiting for it to load or reformatting content to find what they are looking for. There are plenty of other retailers who have designed fully functioning sites that display quickly and correctly to ease shopping.

2. Tech Savvy businesses who get ahead of the “Scan and Scram Customer”. Businesses such as Home Depot, Target, Sears and Nordstrom are now making stores Wi-Fi enabled and providing gadgets to employees who can price match or provide additional coupons in the heat of the moment. All in all, our buying environment is changing. Businesses who embrace this technology will continue to see sales, while others are left behind in the dust. The best part is, there are now companies who cater to social media and mobile marketing; companies no longer have to develop strategies on their own. By getting on the QR code and mobile marketing bandwagon, you can actually pull customers in first and beat the competition before the price match even begins!

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