Making or Breaking a National Network: Communication

Communication is all about transmitting meaningful information.  Brand Managers know that communication and messaging in advertising is critical.  As critical as this is to brands, it is just as critical for us to communicate effectively within our national network of ureps.  Every communication MUST be meaningful when calling to action such an influential and eclectic bunch.

To ensure quality communication not only goes out, but transmits back and to the masses, we recruit the most ambitious, brightest, and connected Brand Ambassadors to become ureps from business schools on college campuses all across the U.S. Once they become ureps, we offer on-going support on each campus to these influentials and core group of leaders by developing them through our college urep BA Intern Program. Our urep BA Intern Program predominantly consists of leaders within the Business School- Marketing, PR, Journalism, or Communication majors. We emphasize recruiting leadership from clubs, sororities, fraternities, and professional marketing and entrepreneurial groups on each campus.

The urep BA Internship Program in turn helps us to hand pick key Millennials – confident, chameleon-like, and connected college students that are looking for hands-on marketing and sales experience.  Our urep Manager and staff provide ongoing leadership development opportunities to keep our interns engaged with our company and active in their urep role.

Because our interns have large networks of talented friends and contacts, they can draw from them to provide an ongoing supply of manpower to execute any of our client’s brand building campaigns.  Through Brand Adoption’s proprietary tracking and reporting tools within the urep website portal, our ureps are able to share and convey meaningful and valuable insights about their interactions taking place within our national urep network.  Therefore, if we fail to communicate to our urep network, we fail to exchange valuable information.

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