Online Campaign Ratings- Nielsen Has Finally Provided a Solution

While online media continues to play an important role in the consumer advertising world, few businesses really know how to utilize all aspects or decide where to direct funds. Nielsen has taken the time to create numerous products to aid companies in the navigation of online campaigns. Recently released are Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. Nielsen noticed the need for a consistent metric across media forms and decided to develop the solution. Out of Nielsen’s 3 facet approach to ad effectiveness, Reach, Reaction and Resonance, Online Campaign Ratings focus on Reach.  The system helps business more accurately determine who did their ad reach. Some of the biggest problems with online advertising measurement arise when companies find their ad does not always hit their targeted market and metrics available for online ads cannot be compared across media sources. How are you supposed to invest money in a marketing tactic if you do not even know it is hitting the right audience? Sure you can measure impressions, but impressions measure volume rather than the directness of the ad. On top of that, what if you cannot actually compare the effectiveness in using online sources versus print, which has been used for years?

These issues make it hard for businesses to invest in the new way of advertising. In fact, many big brands have been slow to transition due to all these objections. But, now is the time! Nielsen has broadened their horizons and teamed up with online retailers to facilitate a very smart transmission of information that will ultimately benefit the business in planning online advertising. The way this works- Nielsen assigns a tag to your ad. This tag records who views the ad. Retailers come into play by allowing the pass through of this tag on their sites too. Ultimately the information ends up at Nielsen who calibrates the findings with panels among other sources. Data providers, such as Facebook, also play a key role with the information they gather from users. Overall, Nielsen has created the pass through of extremely important information that could ultimately shape the way companies can compare and value online advertising.

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