Review of UnMarketing: Scott Stratten’s Guide to Stop Marketing. Start Engaging

Favorite marketing book right now? That would have to be UnMarketing by Scott Stratten.

In his webinar to give an overview of his book, Scott examines marketing in the world we know today and identifies some amazing takeaways.

The most important insight is that executives need to stop marketing and start engaging! Every interaction with the company, whether online through Facebook and Twitter, or offline with the front desk receptionist, MATTERS. Companies have to realize that in today’s world, consumer feedback is instant and people are not afraid to share their negative opinions. Did you know most people are more likely to tweet or share a negative interaction than a positive one? That means companies need to implement a staff wide initiative to make every interaction count. Every person in a company has the opportunity to be a marketer, so make sure to empower employees to represent the company well and with a unified message.

Scott also touches on customer retention. He asserts that first impressions are monumental. Therefore, the employee you may think has very little interaction with the client, i.e. receptionist, meeting scheduler, actually plays a huge role in setting the tone of the customer’s experience from the beginning. Scott even goes as far to say that receptionists should be renamed VP of First Impressions.

With that in mind, keeping customers happy is also pivotal. Happy customers equal referrals and continue to generate business. Scott mentions, “people spread awesome”, so as a company make sure to make your interaction with the customer out of this world at all times to guarantee return customers and referrals. These perspectives are so fundamental, easy to do and generate results! Scott is simply reminding us about good business ethics and treating people how we want to be treated to create an overall successful business environment. One of the best parts of his webinar and book is that all of these insights are creatively conveyed through real life examples and stories, thus making for a pretty easy read. Thanks again Scott for reminding us that companies are more than just one CMO and a marketing team; marketing is really a function of the whole company uniting together to provide an awesome customer service experience!

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