College Activation


Brand Adoption will train, manage and activate teams of selected College Ambassadors on more than 150 University Campuses across the U.S.

Our College Ambassadors know how to drive brand awareness by “creating experiences” through sampling and educating their peers on campus at clubs and organizations and pre-planned events within the campus community creating brand awareness. College Ambassadors enlighten college students about your brand, its message and promotional offers that will lead them to drive purchases and build brand advocacy.

We recruit our College Ambassadors from business and marketing schools on over 150 college campuses around the country. The lion’s share of our College Ambassadors comes from the ranks of student leadership organizations in clubs, sororities, fraternities, and professional marketing and entrepreneurial groups on campuses.

To ensure quality recruits and on-going support, we source our core groups of leaders through our Brand Adoption (BA) Internship Program on each campus.  Our BA Internship Program helps us keep the pulse of the student body and continually identify and connect with student life on and off campus. These BA Interns and all our College Ambassadors have large viral networks of talented friends and contacts to draw from to execute high-impact brand building campaigns for you.

Rally our brand ambassadors and their viral networks of friends to energize your brand on college campuses.

  • Create and execute social media campaigns online and offline with our influential college network in local, regional and national markets to promote your brand
  • Conduct one-on-one sampling experiences with these “early adopters” at events and with key influential groups and organizations on campuses and surrounding communities
  • Drive advocates to “Fan” you on Facebook to build your brand’s community online
  • Induce trial and drive traffic to retail shelves to increase sales
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key influencers: clubs, sororities, fraternities and other student groups
  • Generate awareness with on-campus guerrilla marketing events, competitions, and sampling opportunities
  • Capture images of interactions with students and your brand and videos for your Facebook and website pages
  • Provide weekly score card reports tracking consumer feedback and insights
  • Manage all sample logistics: inventory, storage and handling