Digital Brand Building


Activate our network of millennials to create excitement for your brand through mobile marketing campaigns and applications through our trusted partner Raze Media.

SMS texting and QR codes are compelling mobile marketing tools to engage your target audience with meaningful and measurable experiences. The direct response solution bridges the gap between online and offline channels, allowing consumers to get more information about your product or promotion the very moment they are interested.

Every day the mobile landscape is growing and evolving.  We are on the forefront of the mobile demand and we leverage it to help drive sales for our clients.

  • Mobile Marketing

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world. Create custom SMS marketing campaigns to create additional engagement, expand your database and capture insights that are designed to reach your consumers and increase your sales.

  • Create e-coupons and contests using mobile QR codes

QR codes are the fastest growing mobile applications being used. Personalize your consumer’s mobile experience. Create custom QR Code programs and bring your campaign to life. Sure, you can find QR codes from other sources for free, but only we guarantee your codes scan on any handset, and we provide detailed analytics of the scans, the location, the types of phones and other important customer data to help you measure your advertising effectiveness. We can provide you the tools to manage the code creation and management yourself or we are happy to provide a full service solution.

  • Mobile Web and Apps

With so many choices from mobile websites to full blown custom apps, let us take the guess work out of the process. Our team will help you evaluate your needs and find the most cost effective solution for your business and be sure they all work together. It’s a Mobile World, let us guide you through it!

“We have a true partnership with Brand Adoption because the company understands that marketers have to think strategically in adding mobile messaging and social media programs to their marketing arsenals. Having the ability to reach customers and measure response results instantly will give companies a competitive edge. In the future, promotions will be designed with pinpoint accuracy assuring consumer interest, improved customer retention and increased sales. This is a win, win, for the advertiser.”

Tim McCallum
Raze Media’s President and CEO