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University Rep Network Fueled By Millennials

Millennials– This is definitely a term that you will be hearing more and more. In fact, “Hearing” about them might be the wrong way to put it; truth is, you will most likely read about them in a post, tweet, blog, or news feed. That’s because Millennials (ages 18-29) are spending more and more time on social networking sites according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

The term Millennials is used because their birth into adulthood happened on or near the new millennium. In the overview of results, the Pew Research Center reports that Millennials “are more ethnically and racially diverse than older adults. They’re less religious, less likely to have served in the military, and are on track to become the most educated generation in American history.”

Millennials have also grown up having multiple modes of communication at their fingertips. They now take full advantage of the wide variety the World Wide Web has to offer. Three out of every Four Millennials has created some kind of social networking profile.

Millennials that are connected to the University Rep network are even more connected than the average user, averaging just fewer than 1,000 friends on Facebook.

Pew Research Center reports Millennials key distinctiveness comes from the way this age group has welded social media platforms to their everyday lives. The report conveys, “It’s not just their gadgets- it’s the way they’ve fused their social lives into them.”

Ureps are known for frequently communicating with friends and family through Facebook. Additionally, company communications are sent email, Facebook, and text messages that reach the connect brand evangelists instantly. A second Pew Research publication recently released finds that the more people use social media, the more they trust people in general. We can infer that Millennials are more trusting in people because of their involvement with social networks.

Brand Adoption uses its University Rep network (ureps) to execute Word of Mouth marketing. Connecting brands with consumers using social media and guerrilla marketing strategies. Combining influential peer-to-peer recommendations from the most connected Millennials, and the powerful new media technologies. The mix has already created buzz across the national on college campuses.

According to one of the creators of the urep network, Don May, the successes are because of the Millennials. May said, “this generation connects to brands and companies with ease thanks to social media. They can become the biggest advocates and the most trusted.”

Trust.  It is not something companies and brands get very easily.  With only 12% of consumers trusting advertisements.  Genuine advocates of brands used and liked will keep the urep network thriving on campuses for years to come.

To learn more about becoming a urep, Click Here

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Google+ Brand Pages Begin Showing Up in Primary Search Results

Mashable posts more about Google+

“In a move that could raise some charges of anti-competitive behavior, Google has begun integrating Google+ brand page information in primary search results.”

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The Little Freshman from Titlewave on Vimeo.

For www.urep.co

Thank you Kelly May and Titlewave

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BEVNET highlights Brand Adoption

Should brands tap into Brand Adoption’s University Rep Network? BevNet posted an article recently answering that question.

Read It Here…

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Latest Video Submitted For The University Rep Network –

Luke, from the University of Colorado- Boulder, has created the latest video for Brand Adoption’s University Rep Network.

urep CU from Luke Schultz on Vimeo.

ureps are highly influencial social media marketers that fulfill campaigns online as well as offline. ureps spread word of mouth messages on and around college campuses across the country.

Trouble with the video? Click Here

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Brand Adoption Announces its Black Friday iPad2 Giveaway

With the re-launch of its University Rep Network, Brand Adoption is giving away 2 iPad2s just in time for Black Friday.

Brand Adoption Logo

University Rep (urep) was created as a platform to connect brands with marketers using online and offline, word of mouth marketing strategies. ureps promote brands to their social networks and get rewarded for it.   With this network, ureps have the opportunity to opt-into numerous campaigns. Some campaigns take minutes, while others require more involvement.  Campaigns range from social shares where ureps share, tweet, post and talk about a brands’ product, service, store or promotion online.  Other urep campaigns consist of face-to-face tours, booth events, brand blitzes, and PR stunts.

The iPad2 giveaway gears up just in time for the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

“We wanted to show the new ureps how Brand Adoption treats its network,” said Alex Munter, Brand Adoption.  “Unlike some other national agencies who work with Brand Ambassadors, we care about ours (ureps).  They are why Brand Adoption is Social Media with Legs.  This network has legs that walk across the entire country, and a couple of them will be rocking a new iPad2!”


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12 Most Critical Things Businesses Must Know About New Facebook

1. It’s about people

You’d think this goes without saying, but many businesses are still lacking a customer-centric communication strategy. Businesses talk about what they can do, how they can fix people’s problems, how their service improves lives and so on… but rarely focus on letting their prospective client qualify themselves. Many companies still beat their customers into submission through advertising and blatant broadcast style messaging instead of engaging in an two way dialog with their core customer base.

The behavior follows them everywhere, it’s not just limited to Facebook. Remember, Facebook is a business too; a free service whose success hinges on the happiness of it’s users. If marketers manipulate the platform for extra exposure, it really isn’t fun for users. Facebook’s mission “is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

For Numbers 2-12 Click Here

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Facebook Redesigns: A Long History of Pointless Backlashes


You have logged into Facebook, and now you are mad?!?! Lucky guess. Facebook launched another “Face-lift” on Wednesday. PC world has a review of some of the biggest changes in facebook history.

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Brand Adoption Logo

Brand Adoption expands its University Rep internship program to college campuses across the country

University campuses across the nation are excited to host Brand Adoption’s internship program this semester. Brand Adoption’s hands-on program allows three students on each campus get a real-life feel for the world of social media marketing.

PRLog (Press Release)Sep 12, 2011 – “Each intern brings an unique perspective to the program,” said Baldo Besich, urep Manager, Brand Adoption.  “The collaboration that goes on between schools allows students to learn from unique specialties.  As they see the successes of word of mouth and social media marketing, they are able to share with others campuses across the nation.  As those impressions are passed on to others, the students look back and realize that they are participating in word of mouth marketing without any effort.”

At Arizona State University, one of the largest single campuses in the U.S., Brand Adoption works closely with the faculty to insure a productive semester.  “Internships compliment the educational track by providing the student an opportunity to apply the experiences and skills learned outside of the classroom to projects and discussions within the classroom creating a well-rounded knowledge of that topic,” said Jyll Harthun, Business Career Center Consultant, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.  The W.P. Carey School ranks in the Top 25 on a prestigious global ranking list once again this year.

Intern tasks range from creating marketing materials, logging time facilitating conversation on the company’s Facebook, twitter and web pages while executing semester long goals.  Additionally, Brand Adoption works with campus internship requirements to fulfill students‘ credit needs.

“We only have a finite time with these students as an intern, but we can see that they are taking away long lasting real world experience,” concluded Besich.

About Brand Adoption:
Brand Adoption is a word of mouth marketing company that connects brands with consumers using social media and guerrilla marketing strategies.  Our marketing platform is made up of thousands of ureps (influential college students and graduates) located on campuses across the US.  Through this network, we execute brand building activities that include product sampling, digital marketing, social media communication, brand education, product testing, ambassador programs, trade show and event representation, and  street team participation.  Campaigns are designed to meet our client’s goals: building awareness, driving traffic and sales, and expanding a brand’s online community.

— end —


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Making or Breaking a National Network: Communication

Communication is all about transmitting meaningful information.  Brand Managers know that communication and messaging in advertising is critical.  As critical as this is to brands, it is just as critical for us to communicate effectively within our national network of ureps.  Every communication MUST be meaningful when calling to action such an influential and eclectic bunch.

To ensure quality communication not only goes out, but transmits back and to the masses, we recruit the most ambitious, brightest, and connected Brand Ambassadors to become ureps from business schools on college campuses all across the U.S. Once they become ureps, we offer on-going support on each campus to these influentials and core group of leaders by developing them through our college urep BA Intern Program. Our urep BA Intern Program predominantly consists of leaders within the Business School- Marketing, PR, Journalism, or Communication majors. We emphasize recruiting leadership from clubs, sororities, fraternities, and professional marketing and entrepreneurial groups on each campus.

The urep BA Internship Program in turn helps us to hand pick key Millennials – confident, chameleon-like, and connected college students that are looking for hands-on marketing and sales experience.  Our urep Manager and staff provide ongoing leadership development opportunities to keep our interns engaged with our company and active in their urep role.

Because our interns have large networks of talented friends and contacts, they can draw from them to provide an ongoing supply of manpower to execute any of our client’s brand building campaigns.  Through Brand Adoption’s proprietary tracking and reporting tools within the urep website portal, our ureps are able to share and convey meaningful and valuable insights about their interactions taking place within our national urep network.  Therefore, if we fail to communicate to our urep network, we fail to exchange valuable information.

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