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What can marketers learn from Kony 2012?

Mary Manzo posts on socialmediatoday.com about the craze of Kony 2012 and some of the biggest lessons marketers can learn from their campaign.  Manzo says,

Some Invisible Children KONY Numbers & Stats

  • As of March 9, 2012 and since its original upload on March 5, the video has been viewed 52 million times on YouTube. With 1,106,335 likes, 45,649 dislikes and 422,868 comments.
  • The video currently has 14.6 million views on Vimeo with almost 19,000 likes and 1,062 comments.
  • In four days, since the YouTube premiere of KONY 2012, Kony or the #StopKony hashtag has been mentioned on Twitter over 10 million times.
  • The video has been shared on Facebook over 2 billion times.

    Kony 2012 via Flickr

How did Invisible Children manage to do this?

Though the integrity of Invisible Children as a charity is in question, one thing I know I commend is their strategy and marketing power. From that perspective, IC is gold.

  • They created a good product. Between the video, the website and their merchandise, the KONY product is well designed, well developed and well versed. It appeals to their main demographic, the youth.
  • A video that touched viewers on a personal level. Instead of solely being informative about what their charity was doing it became a matter of why they were doing it.
  • Invisible Children didn’t underestimate the power of the youth. They first cultivated a strong movement by preaching their message at colleges and universities across America.
  • A clear understanding of how to leverage social media as an effective marketing tool. Reaching out publically to celebrities and politicians who are active on these networks was crucial to this video going viral.
  • Finally they close their video with a call to action. “ABOVE ALL SHARE THIS MOVIE ONLINE IT’S FREE.”

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Why Pinterest Should Be of Interest to Brands

Guest blogger for mpdailyfix.com-Amanda DiSilvestro normally writes for Business.com

DiSilvestro says, “As with most social media sites, Pinterest started out as a place for individuals to connect with friends and then developed into a place for businesses. Pinterest is currently on the brink of individual-to-business use, so now is a great time for your company to get started. This new site has been growing exponentially since its launch in March 2010 with nearly 11.1 million unique visitors according to Site Analytics.”

Tips and Tricks to Using Pinterest to Help Build a Brand

You should all check out the full post, but here is 1 tip or reason why your company should jump on “board.” (That is Pinterest humor – Pin and boards – hahaha)

Pinterest board on Google

Interaction: The site will allow you to interact with customers, clients, and others in the industry in the same way other social networks do. This will help you build connections through a medium that is comfortable for your customers. It’s also extremely simple to manage Pinterest (unlike many of the other social networks), so this will help save your employees time while still building relationships.

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Get Social! Talk About the Weather

Weather Gets Social!

We can only imagine there is a large group of people that have been waiting years to take their weather comments to the world.  Socialmediatoday.com introduces the new site that is that weather platform.

“People are curious, and want to know what the rest of the world is thinking…and especially during weather-related events. Everyone is equally keen to learn from local accounts and individual experiences. Enter Metwit Metwit is a real-time collective weather source. A great place to explore and discover real-time weather conditions, from real people. People tag, tweet or post weather conditions and the information is immediately displayed on Google maps via text and amusing icons.”

Full post @ socialmediatoday.com

It’s A Great Day For Golf…Read Full Post Here

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Patriots Player Uses Spotify, Facebook to Share Pre-Super Bowl Mix

Sam Laird writes for Mashable about how fans are getting one step closer to the game they love. Laird says, “Ever wonder what athletes blast in their headphones to get hyped before big games? Well, wonder no more thanks to a Facebook post by New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley. “Super Bowl Pre-Game Mix!!” Ridley wrote on his Facebook wall on Monday, accompanying a 12-track Spotify playlist. Ridley’s New England Patriots face the New York Giants on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI.”

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Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers

Check out this graphic from Monetate!

In you’re not pinning, you’re not winning! I just made that up.

Mashable’s Full Post on Pinterest Here: CLICK IT


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The Mobile Marketing Value Exchange

Scott Forshay posts on briansolis.com about the value of mobile marketing.

Forshay says, “In the early stages of mobile marketing, the value exchange was almost exclusively defined through promotional-based marketing. Consumers were asked to share their mobile numbers in exchange for coupons. While seemingly primitive by today’s standards, text back couponing remains an effective behavior stimulus for many brands and retailers, but for luxury brands discounting flies in the face of the intrinsic value of the brand. The challenge for innovative prestige brands is defining how best to create a true value exchange with their most loyal advocates while remaining true to themselves and not cheapening the brand in the process of attempting to deepen relationships.”

But That’s Not All! Click Here To Read Full Post

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20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketers Should Know

Got to check out the 20 Facebook Ad Metrics that marketers should know about.

“Reporting is a crucial part of Facebook advertising. That’s why each of your ad campaigns should always have a clear goal and a set of metrics through which you can measure its performance. Facebook’s dashboard offers a range of tracking mechanisms that will help you focus on the results you care about. That being said, the analytics Facebook provides sometimes report on proprietary metrics that aren’t always intuitive to understand. If you’re using Facebook ads to help you ramp up your Facebook marketing efforts, here are the 20 Facebook metrics you need to understand to measure and improve your Facebook ad performance.”

See All 20 Metrics Here

Here are a couple we found interesting:

10. Conversions-Measurement of how many people responded to your call-to-action. This counts actions from the ad itself and includes when someone visits your fan page and then clicks ‘Like.’

12. CPC (Cost-Per-Click)-How much each click you received cost you. This number is calculated even if you didn’t bid on the cost-per-click model. It considers how many clicks you received (even if you’re paying by impression) and calculates how much it cost you for each click.

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New Study Reports Nearly 1 in 5 People Made a Purchase After Scanning a QR Code

2012 – brings high hopes for QR codes.  Love it or hate it – we think the QR code, when used correctly, is highly effective. Check out this excerpt from The Digital Journal.

“Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 04, 2012

A recent Consumer Pulse study of over 1,200 U.S. consumers conducted by Boston-based custom research firm, Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) and iModerate Research Technologies, looked at how people are using QR codes and what they’re looking for when they scan. The study also looks at what will motivate consumers to make it part of their purchase process.

Quick Response, or QR codes, are everywhere from print advertisements to public transportation and websites, and while only 21% know QR codes by name, nearly all respondents reported having seen the ubiquitous black and white squares. For smartphone owners, whose devices are capable of scanning the code, QR codes are becoming a part of the purchase process. Half of smartphone owners surveyed had scanned a QR code, and nearly 20% of them made a purchase after scanning, indicating a willingness to make QR codes part of the purchase process for tech-savvy shoppers.”

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Google+ Brand Pages Begin Showing Up in Primary Search Results

Mashable posts more about Google+

“In a move that could raise some charges of anti-competitive behavior, Google has begun integrating Google+ brand page information in primary search results.”

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The Little Freshman from Titlewave on Vimeo.

For www.urep.co

Thank you Kelly May and Titlewave

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