The Four Essential Phases of Social Media Adoption

Tom Pick, very accurately details the steps in planning a company’s social media strategy, in the article linked to below. The way he creatively conveys social media through a story explains that social media is composed of multiple parts that need to be viewed as a whole, rather than compartmentalized. His steps include:

1.       Observation: When developing social media strategies, you must start by noticing the online environment. Who are you targeting? Where do these people interact online? What are they talking about and how can you get involved while making your company seen?

2.       Preparation: Rather than jumping into things, a plan should be constructed to facilitate the use of social media. Many employees are probably already using social media and directly or indirectly talking about your company. It is best to regulate these discussions by establishing the goals, limits and rules to the company’s social media approach. Additionally, guidelines and consequences should be conveyed so as to avoid costly social media mishaps.

3.       Participation: Time to get in the game! Participation in social media should encompass more than just blasting your consumers or other business with information. The goal is to engage people and get the conversation going. Make sure to always provide interesting, relevant content.

4.       Integration: Social media is much more than just PR and marketing. All departments in the company can use social media in one way or another. HR can get involved, recruiting and screening employees prior to hire. Customer service can address customer issues in real time while also promoting how well things are solved. Sales can generate leads while building credibility. And finally, one of the most important applications, Product Development can gather important feedback from those who truly matter to construct a better product or service.

Ensuring that all steps and departments are coordinated and working together to paint one social media picture will guarantee success.

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