The Insider’s Guide to Data, Personalization and Marketing Automation

Ad Age Executive Editor Nat Ives talks with TBWA Global Data Director Baker Lambert, Accenture Interactive Global Head of Personalization Jeriad Zoghby and EngageSimply founder Judy Shapiro at the Ad Age IQ Conference: Marketing & Technology in New York on Tuesday.

Data can actually be a source of creativity, not just the answer to specific questions or challenges facing a brand, TBWA Global Data Director Baker Lambert said at Tuesday’s Ad Age IQ Conference: Marketing & Technology in downtown Manhattan.

Data has led TBWA to new ways of telling a brand story and new tools to tell it, Mr. Lambert said during a presentation titled “How Not to Suck at Data.” The discovery that National Donut Day had a high incidence of social mentions, for example, led TBWA to create a video for its Nissan client showing cars performing donuts in a parking lot covered with 1,000 pounds of sprinkles — all to cover actual donuts in said sprinkles. The clip became one of the most- shared and most-viewed pieces of content for Nissan last year, Mr. Lambert said.

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